at the store for unwed brothers

the supplements are on sale

plus steel-cut oats and kale

and aloe water for the guy

she’s bringing who’s Vegan Level 5

(nothing that casts a shadow)


some Prosecco on the sly

that I will drink with others

after every ticking moment’s

disarmed by my sisters laughing

buzzing oven pans & blisters

when the ringtone killswitch


stops my breath and right there

in the loins of your hello

you say what else I need

to know your voice cancels

all my plans and yes I want

to go . . . oh yes, I want to go


© Liana 12/14

hall of mirrors


every facet contains a face

each one real but none so true

not turned nor carved but cut like glass

and I have prism’d just like that

slanting time to make it last

morning moon and nighttime noon

a sun note rising from the tomb

where I was once then once again

the face of now that’s now the past

unwrapped from time’s slow tourniquet

a flawless light imperfectly cast

. . . I will prism just like that


© Liana 12/14