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This is L.  me, Jan.2016  L can’t read without glasses anymore and she forgets names sometimes, but according to an NPR story, this isn’t dementia which would be to not recall what glasses are for, or to refer to everyone as Suzanne which is the name she often calls out upon waking after a childhood spent being her sister’s alarm clock.

L uses her glasses to read good stories whenever she can which currently includes Adam Resnick’s hilarious Will Not Attend featuring this enticing opening sentence, “From the very first bell of first grade, I considered school nothing more than a hard dozen without the possibility of parole.”

L did good in school considering she has dyscalculia which she compensated for with good penmanship and spelling skills that continue to serve her well and will come in handy when she gets brave enough to write her own book one day that Adam Resnick won’t read but Suzanne surely will.

L is smart. Be like L. Every time you put on whatever constitutes reading glasses for you, give thanks for the people who dare to share what is real for them and also for those who have witnessed your life and not run screaming from the room of you.


IMG_3050Putting my mug of coffee down, I took this shot of Long’s Peak right through the cabin window this morning with Jezebel (my telephoto lens). Along with Mt. Meeker, these peaks were known to the indigenous Arapaho as Nesotaieux, “The Two Guides.” I feel a sense of duty to point out the native name whenever possible.  You’re welcome.IMG_2887.JPG

The ubiquitous elk wander freely all over Estes Park, which never fails to please me. The Stanley Hotel makes a nice setting to write a horror story, too, as any Stephen King fan will tell you.



We rented a little cabin that still has the nicest remnants of its 1940’s origins.


I’ve lived most of my adult life in Colorado and love coming back here, but a visit is all I need nowadays; a big hit of this rare air stays deep in my lungs wherever I go.



Lake ArgyleLate yesterday afternoon I was walking around Lake Argyle, the ubiquitous camera hanging from my neck, and the one other person out and about on that bright cold day (also with a camera around her neck) smiled warmly as we got close enough to talk.2680Aren’t you a WordPress photo-blogger, she asked me.

The next image illustrates my state of mind in that moment…IMG_2650Ummm.              yes.

I thought that was you . . . I recognized you from your blog.
IMG_2648After the shock of being recognized from this blog (where I bask in my anonymity) we had a lovely chat about the things worth shooting in the bleak Midwestern winter.IMG_2677Then we explored the various ways we have met other bloggers, and whose blogs we love.  This gave me the opportunity to show-off my correct pronunciation of Seonaid’s name, the gracious blogger at whom I have not only met and had tea with at the Caledonian in Edinburgh, but who let my daughter couchsurf at her lovely home in October.IMG_2674Now I happily add a new blog-friend to my world.  I wish I had nothing else to do all day but hike around Sharon’s gorgeous site. Her blog is a cathedral built with images that feed my soul.
IMG_2668What a perfect way to spend this Sunday morning. Visit her at and leave a reverent comment.IMG_2672