walking on broken glass


Getting ready for my first-ever gallery show this weekend (words & pictures together) after which I’ll be “hung all month.” (The vernacular of the gallery culture isn’t doing much for my nerves.) It would be fair to say that I approach this experience with some amount of anxiety, mostly about the words. My very writerly friend Amanda bolstered my nerve by sharing what her professors said to her before her first reading. It makes me smile every time I read it, so I’m going to share it with you all.


Professor 1, dinner-plate-sized glasses sliding dangerously close to the edge of her nose, head tilted slightly upward:  “It will only feel like you’re naked, darling…actual nakedness we leave to the theater department.”

Professor 2, a pragmatic fleecy shawl dripping over her generous shoulders:  “It’s damn cold outside.  In here it’s warm and we have snacks.  They’ll love whatever you say out of gratefulness.”

Professor 3, effeminately pushing away the other two with flighty hands and a dramatic eye-roll:  “No one person picked you to be here—many people did.  Now straighten your shoulders, get up there, and own it.”

IMG_4707 IMG_4693

me and kit, South Haven 2.28.15

Procrastination: The Musical

Elle and Emmett, kit's pic
This one is Kit’s picture . . . she’s getting GOOD :)

IMG_4617principle silhouette

IMG_4085melissa hands

Even as deadlines loom, I’d rather go hang out with Kit at rehearsal than focus on my work. As a result, I am behind in every single category uber alles and I haven’t been to the gym since last Thursday, and and and and a Greek Chorus is singing a dirge about the prospects for today. It’s going to be a (direct) hit, I can just feel it.


the day you first fell in love


This was
the day you first fell in love
not with a person but with
the idea of sharing a woods
with someone. Someone told you
they had never seen a shooting star
and you asked if they had ever
opened their eyes at night.
You were already a cabin.
I was a woman dressed
to disappear into the ocean
from any angle. If you think
you see me, know that it
is impossible.

~ Caroline Cabrera from I Don’t Take Moonlit Walks on the Veranda, Anyway



Everyone coming out of her shadows dancing in blood stories

around the bonfire of this belly . . . remembering the swell and sway

don’t be with a man who’s gonna freak over blood on the sheets
don’t pretend to feel what you don’t . . . don’t doubt your own heart
don’t be afraid to say what you have to say

she says mostly she’s afraid of the pain and doesn’t know

if she can do this . . . yes, oh yes, we tell her

it’s supposed to feel that way

~ Liana 2/15