when she woke up


sleeping beauty

when she woke up
she was terrible.
under his mouth her mouth
turned red and warm
then almost crimson as the coals
smothered and forgotten
in the grate.
she had been gone so long.
there was much to unlearn.
she opened her eyes.
he was the first thing she saw
and she blamed him.

— lucille clifton (from Blessing the Boats)

over the words

In the morning when the light falls like water

Over the words

Bless me and hear my calling

Over the words

Open my throat and untie the hard not

Over the words

Save me when I am deep in the well enough

When I am drowning in the desert

When I am diving in the dumpster

When I am mothing too close to the fire

When I falter when I fall into the water

over the words

~ Liana © 8/15

sun setting

photo: K. Strejc Ginn





If you come up short on blessings
consider wealth your spendthrift
grandfather could not plunder. Consider
plunder. Plunge and thunder exactly
matched. Spendthrift exactly.

We are beholden, I tell you, for a word
like beholden. Heft and vintage.
Riches we did not earn cannot exhaust
fraught with inklings. No way
to put on the kibosh, origin unknown.

If you think this far-fetched think
of far-fetched. Charm and chime enough
to sabotage the taciturn send them
skylarking. Downloads notwithstanding
technology hasn’t the wherewithal.

Plethora of blessings. Whatnots
whose whereabouts never forsake.
Your sake mine. Ardent emanations
for the taking tasting toasting.
Giving thanks for the whole shebang.

~ K. Anderson, Blessings

and her name was Decibel

the street where I live

that silent little boy watching from the corner

of our family               resentful

how everything became about her

colicky arrival              demanding

one phoneme bully at a time still he doesn’t know

what happened            behind

our hands that could talk but instead made him

listen to this noisy       world

without the sound of its round eyes wondering

is anyone watching?   Why

does she get  all the attention?  Who is this

unseen force he         Hates

not knowing he’s        Deaf

© Liana 7/15